In this offer, you can display your website as a pop so in a new window. Your ad will open in full screen and our player must stay on your website for a few second because we use a timer.

This offer is recommended to have better statistics. This offer does not use iframe or frame methods so you can display as well HTTPS nd HTPP websites

We use a timer to guarantee our players will stay for a few seconds and focus their attention on your ads. If a player closed your window ad, you don't pay the visits. You can also display YOUTUBE VIDEOS.


This kind of offer use iframe method so it will not work for HTTP websites. The reason is simple, your website will embed in our website which is in HTTPS and you need to know HTTP content which are embedded in HTTPS source can be blocked by web browsers for security reasons.

This offer will display a small bar at the top of the window ad and will display a timer and below your website will be loaded.

The internet users will have to stay on your webpage for a few seconds (it is called the timer). This offer have a security called GUARANTEED FOCUS so if a user go to an another webpage and don't see your webpage the timer is paused.

The timer start only when your website is loaded. Please note that your website need to be in HTTPS otherwise it is possible your website will be blocked for mixed content reason. For HTTPS website, prefer our PTC ADS (POP OPTION)


This offer allows you to promote your videos (YOUTUBE or others) on our players community

You can choose a timer to be sure the internet users will stay for a defined moment on your videos

Our offer integrate a GUARANTEED FOCUS security which allows you to be sure the internet users is not watching other content instead of your video content for the timer period

Timer will start only when your video content will be fully loaded. We work with MP4 and YOUTUBE format at this moment.